ITAGIL delivers full service IT operation to our customers, which include a wide range of Danish and international companies. We function as an external IT department with the professional IT-competencies your company needs. Our product line ranges from simple cloud solutions to complicated server setups with a high degree of operational security. At ITAGIL our aim is to be more than an IT supplier – we want to be a trusted advisor.

ITAGIL was founded in 2001, by the current owners, under the name IT Ressource ApS. It began with only one employee, Kim Pichard Nielsen, but in the following years, the number of employees grew steadily along with the clientele. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 ITAGIL won the title “Børsen Gazelle”, which is awarded to fast growing businesses. ITAGIL is self-financed, has the highest credit rating attainable and prides itself in having skilled and focused employees.



Our highly dedicated employees use their experience and technical expertise to solve any problem to our customer’s satisfaction. We have 98% satisfied customers, who had the following to say about us:

→ from our experience ITAGIL is very professional and easy to get into contact with
→ fast customer service, friendly and highly competent employees
→ a stable company with the necessary IT competencies we require
→ ITAGIL delivers value for money



Our competencies cover an extensive amount of IT solutions in a wide range of areas. This makes us capable of always being able to provide guidance and advice to our customers. We help with the initial exercises such as analysis of your IT needs, project management, and purchase of both software and hardware. Thereafter, we help with the implementation process and the subsequent operation and maintenance of the solution.

We are able, in cooperation with the world’s leading producers of both hardware and software, to provide professional advice and services within a wide area of technologies. ITAGIL is also a certified partner with a wide range of the world’s leading hardware and software manufacturers.

→ Harddisk Recovery
→ Hosting
→ IT operations
→ IT security
→ IT support
→ 24/7 support
→ Internet
→ Network
→ Office 365
→ Remote Backup
→ Server
→ Server surveillance
→ SharePoint
→ Spam filter
→ Virtualization
→ Webhosting
→ Windows Azure



Our price structure is very simple and entirely based on our customer’s needs and the competencies we provide. We have two types of agreements, Ad hoc (reactive) and Service agreement (proactive).

As an Ad hoc client, it is essentially up to you and your company to contact ITAGIL when in need of assistance. With this agreement ITAGIL will not act in a proactive manner, but are prepared if a potential situation arises.

As a service agreement client, ITAGIL has a proactive approach to your IT-solution as we will monitor, update and document all aspects of your IT-solution. We will provide best practice recommendations based on our documented experiences, ensuring your solution is always operating at the highest level. For both agreements our high level of competencies and customer service applies.