NoiseLimit was a rapidly expanding global company, and it was therefore necessary to have a solid foundation both in the organisation and in the technology surrounding us. Early on, we chose to outsource our IT-function to ITAGIL and hereby make ITAGIL part of our solid foundation. This decision was no mistake. As a global company with employees in both Europe and Asia, we were very dependent on reliable systems and fast access to support in case of emergency. ITAGIL understood our needs, and was able to provide service which was both reliable and efficient. ITAGIL made it easy for us to focus on our core business, while they did a great job at maintaining our cross country IT-infrastructure. Through ITAGIL, our employees had access to qualified IT-support 24/7, and the synchronised file access across the world was always available. ITAGIL had the capabilities to successfully help a global company like ours

Torben B. Lange – CEO